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SME business units for saleAs From 130 m2In Lembeek

Lembeek Business Park
Lembeek Business Park
Lembeek Business Park
Lembeek Business Park

1502 Lembeek

  • Property Type

    SME business units
  • Unit Type

    For Sale
  • Available

    7.227 m2
  • As From

    130 m2
Andrew Rozen

Lembeek Business Park

The business park is located on the Lembeek-North industrial zone and is easily accessible via the E19 and the Bergensesteenweg. The companies that will set up here will enjoy a unique location on the Brussels-Bergen axis with a good connection to the E19.

This multifunctional business park is located on a site of approximately 15,000 m², comprising 35 high-quality and hyper-isolated new-build SME units. The units are modular and available from 135 m².


FloorUnit TypeFloor area
Building D
Unit 33Inside Storage360 m2
Unit 34Inside Storage360 m2
Unit 35Inside Storage360 m2
Unit 31Inside Storage264 m2
Unit 32Inside Storage264 m2
Building C
Unit 16Inside Storage312 m2
Unit 24Inside Storage288 m2
Unit 25Inside Storage288 m2
Unit 26Inside Storage288 m2
Unit 27Inside Storage288 m2
Unit 28Inside Storage288 m2
Unit 29Inside Storage270 m2
Unit 15Inside Storage221 m2
Unit 17Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 18Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 19Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 20Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 21Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 22Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 23Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 30Inside Storage186 m2
Unit 14Inside Storage130 m2
Building B
Unit 09Inside Storage168 m2
Unit 10Inside Storage168 m2
Unit 13Inside Storage168 m2
Building A
Unit 02Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 03Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 04Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 05Inside Storage216 m2
Unit 01Inside Storage180 m2



Boulevard de Waterloo, 16
1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 (0)2 643 33 33


Cockerillkaai, 26
2000 Antwerp, Belgium
+32 (0)3 248 68 60
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