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Logistics to letIn Kontich

Satenrozen 11-13 Elsbos
Satenrozen 11-13 Elsbos
Satenrozen 11-13 Elsbos

Satenrozen 11-13
2550 Kontich

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    To Let
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    15.000 m2
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Jason Mommaerts

Satenrozen 11-13 Elsbos

Thanks to its large dimensions, the distribution centre has extensive truck and car parking. Perfect for a smooth flow of suppliers, customers and employees, or as additional outdoor storage. With a warehouse height of 6.5 metres, a potential floor load of 5T/m², heating and solar panels on the roof, this logistics property can be used in any direction.

There are 28 loading docks that provide access to the warehouses. In short, this distribution centre is the perfect launch pad for all your logistics activities.

Located close to the E19 motorway.


FloorUnit TypeFloor area
Unit 4
0Inside Storage3.000 m2
Unit 3
0Inside Storage4.000 m2
Unit 2
0Inside Storage5.000 m2
Unit 1
0Inside Storage3.000 m2



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2000 Antwerp, Belgium
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