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Park 7 - Xenon

Park 7 - Xenon
Park 7 - Xenon
Park 7 - Xenon
Park 7 - Xenon
Park 7 - Xenon

Hermeslaan 11
1932 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

  • Property Type

    To Let
  • Unit Type

  • Available

    10.862 m2
  • As From

    3.000 m2
Sandra Daelemans

Office To LetSint-Stevens-WoluweAs From 3.000 m2

Park 7 is a sustainable office complex with very high standards. The campus will be developed in a low energetic, a smart architectural and an urban perspective. The core values of the design incorporate maximum visibility, flexibility and multifunctionality. The campus will become an attrictive work environment on a strategic and unique location. The Onyx building is currently under construction.


FloorUnit TypeFloor area
8Offices887 m2
7Offices1.278 m2
6Offices1.278 m2
5Offices1.278 m2
4Offices1.278 m2
3Offices1.278 m2
2Offices1.278 m2
1Offices1.166 m2
0Offices1.141 m2
0 Parking Single Outside70 spots
*Parking Bicycle Parking371 spots
*Parking Single Inside247 spots


  • Access control system
  • Raised floor
  • Shower
  • Sprinklers
  • Top cooling
  • Videophone
  • Voltaic panels
  • Park
  • BREEAM Excellent
  • WELL Gold



Boulevard de Waterloo, 16
1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 (0)2 643 33 33


Cockerillkaai, 26
2000 Antwerp, Belgium
+32 (0)3 248 68 60


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